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The Revolution of Delivery Drones

July 1, 2022 by Aerius Drones

Now, this may sound like one of those far-fetched visions of the future that appears across your social feeds from time to time. In reality, it’s not functional or available to use. This technology is here now and many organisations are using it. Big hitters like Sky Sports, NHS, Amazon, Walmart, and Royal Mail have entered the space.

The current status quo is that delivery services are delivering packages of a weight up to 6lbs 10oz, and are limited to a range of 6.25 miles. Technology is ever-improving, so we can expect the capabilities to improve in the near future.

Don’t quite believe it until you see it?

Check out –

Manna is a drone delivery service based in Dublin and has currently delivered over 65,000 packages using British-built drones.  

“Customers summon them using an Uber-style mobile phone app, directing them to an open space such as a drive or garden. The drones travel at speeds of up to 50mph, with onboard detectors checking for obstacles. After the drone arrives at its destination, the customer taps ‘accept’ on their phone. The drone then initiates a landing sequence to complete delivery.

Pretty cool, eh?