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Introducing the Matrice 300-RTK

July 1, 2022 by Aerius Drones

The DJI Matrice 300-RTK is an impressive bit of kit with an abundance of capabilities. The drone has been branded as a ‘Multifunctional heavy lifter’.

The design was revamped to improve safety & performance, allowing unprecedented agility, acceleration, and maneuverability, even in high winds and harsh conditions boasting an operating temperature of -20’C to 50’C with an IP rating of 45. Only the new M30 series has a higher IP rating.

With the Matrice 300-RTK being the leading industrial drone makes sense that it is DJI’s safest drone platform yet leaving pilots with confidence and peace when flying.

  • 6 direction dual visual sensors
  • Dual time-of-Flight (TOF) sensors
  • Adjustable detection range between 1 to 40m

Here at Aerius Drones, we understand that no project is the same and some projects require longer flight times to ensure maximum delivery. This is why the Matrice 300-RTK really speaks to us with its Burly Batteries delivering a flight time of up to 55minutes. DJI’s highest capacity batteries yet

Safety & reliability were a cornerstone of the M300’s development, the drone is bolstered with redundancy features in the case of damage or emergency. Read more about the Matrice 300 RTK’s redundancy features here –

That’s not quite it… The Matrice 300-RTK is backed as a multifunctional heavy-lifter that gives pilots the opportunity to mount three payloads at once alongside an intuitive and functional flight display where the redesign gives access to enhanced situational awareness all whilst boasting the capabilities of an Advanced Dual Control Mode.

For industrial use, it’s a must-have!