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Flying Taxis? The Future Is Here.

July 1, 2022 by Aerius Drones

It’s been over a decade since Google co-founder bankrolled one of the first efforts to develop an electric flying car. 11 years later, we have not one, not two but multiple high-profile organisations in the nascent flying taxi space.

Most notably Uber Air Service plans to be ready for commercial launch in 2023 (It’s only around the corner). How far away are these claims? Are unmanned flying taxis a revolutionary development in the world of everyday travel? Or something we feel that will never come to fruition? Our research has brought to our attention that there has been an initial pre-order of 100 units of EHang’s – EH216 air taxis from an Indonesian aviation company. The future is here, The future is very real…

Now it may be some time until we start to adopt this new form of travel in the UK but with Indonesia seeing the EH216 air taxis supporting the smart city initiative being embedded within Nusantara how long do we think it will take before our countries including the UK start to adopt this form of travel?

We would love to hear your thoughts about the flying taxi space (it still feels surreal typing/saying that).